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Benefits of Facebook Business Page Reviews

Facebook Business Page Reviews

Facebook currently has nearly 2.8 billion monthly active users (source), making it the largest social media platform. A huge user base means enormous opinions and views, so you can now imagine the impact it can make on a particular business.

Moreover, customers make their opinions based on online reviews. A recent study shows that 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions (source).

Although the internet provides various platforms to share their reviews, potential buyers can read them and make their purchasing decisions. Still, often there are grievances that reviews are spam or there are fewer users of that platform.

And this is where Facebook reviews jump in. People trust them, there is a vast user base, and it is trustworthy. Not only buyers, but even businesses trust them and often embed Facebook reviews on their websites to win the trust of their visitors.

So if you are running a business, you need to have a Facebook business page to provide a space for your users to express their opinions. Facebook reviews take your business to the next level as it has the following benefits.

Advantages of Facebook Business Reviews

In the recent update, Facebook has modified its review system. Traditionally, users had the option to provide ratings to the business and share their opinions. But now, users have the opinions of ‘recommend’ or ‘not recommend. They can choose the appropriate option and provide their reviews.

#1 Increases the Reach of the Brand

As we are talking about Facebook, one can not ignore that it has a user base of 2.74 billion monthly active users. In the eyes of marketers and businesses, it means an excellent opportunity to attain more audience and increase brand recognition.

Hence, if users are providing reviews about your brand or product on the business pages, the Facebook algorithm boosts the page’s reach because, for Facebook, this acts as user engagement. There is more engagement on the page. It increases your chance to reach people beyond local boundaries.

#2 Helps to Gain More Customers

The customer always looks for detailed information or reviews about the product they are planning to buy. Before the latest Facebook update, people provided ratings to the business pages and gave one to two-word reviews. Unfortunately, these types of reviews don’t provide any help to the readers/potential buyers.

But with the recent updates, people have started posting in-depth reviews. Even if they aren’t providing a detailed review, the recommended or not recommended gives a prospect to the reader, whether he should trust the brand or not.

#3 Increases Credibility

Credibility plays a massive factor for the brand to convert its potential customers into customers.

Hence, when a Facebook user visits your Facebook business page, positive reviews about your brand/ product can influence him to purchase and trust your brand. Therefore you need to have reviews on your Facebook business page.

Now, there might be a case where your target audience or potential buyer does not have a Facebook account or is unaware of your Facebook presence. And this is where the strategy of embedding Facebook reviews on the website comes into play.

This strategy has many advantages related to it. Majorly it helps to prove credibility to your website visitors. At the same time, it also enhances the visuals of your website. Moreover, if a visitor is unaware of your Facebook page, it provides him with a sneak into your social media presence. Also, it saves your visitor’s time as he does not have to explore other websites to look for your reviews. So it is a win-win situation for all.

Another hidden advantage of this strategy is that your brand appears transparent to your visitors as you emerge as a brand that cares about customer feedback and does not hide any reviews from the customer end.

#4 Solidifies Customer-Business Relationship

Trust is one of the essential pillars of business relationships and success. Other than establishing trust in front of new customers. Displaying and reverting the reviews from past customers helps you build a strong customer relationship as it shows that you care about your customers and their opinions.

And if you decide to embed them on your website, it makes the customer-brand relation more robust because customers feel valued when brands feature their content or reviews on their website.

All these measures help you enhance your brand reputation and eventually help you in attaining more sales.

#5 Builds a Review Cycle

In this social media age, people try to follow what others are doing. And this can act in your favour as well. So, when people start providing reviews to your business page, it will also encourage other users to post reviews.

It will create a review cycle, and as you will have more reviews, you will have more chances to get more customers and win the trust of your target audience.

Summing It Up

Reviews are essential for customers and businesses. On one hand, it helps businesses to know the market reputation of their brand and recognize the flaws of their product, and on the other hand, it helps visitors in their buying decisions.

So as there will be more reviews, it will be better for both sides, and for more reviews, you need more customers and more audience. And Facebook can provide you with all.

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