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How Social Media Could Shape the Future of Big Data

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As we see the usage of big data increasing day by day. Although we are in the middle of the big data revolution. More and more companies using much more data than ever before they used. People in the big data industry finding the best way and tools to process these data. So, that they can predict something based on the data in the future.

There are so many things that are influencing the future of big data. There are some of the limitations in the big data industry like the growth of technology, demand, and supply of data analytics, the business requirement of big data, and consumer requirement.

Nevertheless, all the points are valid but there is one sector that can play a bigger role in the future of big data. Social media can play a vital role in the future of big data.

Influences of Social Media

There are many ways that social media can help to shape the future of big data. We have listed some of the most important factors that can influence the future of big data by social media.

1. Access to Consumer Data

The big advantage of social media companies is they have access to huge quantities of consumer data. In general, some of the social media have hundreds of thousands of users. In the case of Facebook, they have billions of users. Here social media have access to the user’s history, personal posts, likes, and other vital information, etc.

There are so many other applications apart from this that have access to users’ data and can change the future of big data prediction. All the above points provide social media with more potential to develop the future and big data industry.

2. Business Tools

We cannot ignore the fact that social media has given the way to access the data to the business by providing business tools. Facebook has developed its tool called the Facebook business tool. The business tool by Facebook provides business owners and entrepreneurs access to in-depth learning about their targeted audience and lets them use the platform for conversion.

At the earlier time, big data were limited to a limited number of people like big data experts and data scientists but social media have given access to big data to people with less experience. Social media platforms started to improve data access to the business so it can be said that social media can develop some more innovative software to access big data.

3. Access to Resource

Social media have access to huge data and to use those data effectively they have resources. For example, take Facebook which is worth billions of dollars today. These social media companies can learn more about their customers and bring something new, very interesting technology, these companies have the necessary money resource and talent to turn these visions in reality.

4. Competition in Social Media

There are so many social media platforms and apps (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Competition in the social media field is a consideration for new technology usage. Although these social media channels have grown there is always a chance for a new player to come in.

All the social media companies have a single problem they have to keep themselves on the top. It gives chance to social media companies to bring new technology and data tools available to the public.

5. Regulations and Privacy Concerns

If the usage of data by social media is not just the accessibility but social media apps attracting the consumer attention to how they collect and manage the data. Recently we have seen so many scandals in the market by social media companies.

When the new thing comes the policymakers learn more about it in time. Now the data become more important so it needs to be protected and regulated. If the new data policy takes place this could be problematic for the companies handling the big data.


Social media companies are to establish the rules and norms for mass data management. Facebook has much more access to consumer data compared to any other social media and big data companies. Now Facebook can track you offline. More and more social media companies will follow the same sooner or later.

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