Why Invest in a New PC When You Can Get Personal Cloud Desktop?

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Are you a business owner who is about to pass a purchase order for new PCs?

Are you a small business entrepreneur who is regularly purchasing new PCs for the staff?

A major capital expense for every small, medium or enterprise-level organization is new computers. Now and then, some computers fail, many are outdated, and some wear out. In these conditions, we need to repurpose and repurchase physical office desktops regularly.

But why should you invest huge money on personal computers when you can get personal cloud-hosted desktops?

Cloud-hosted desktops are virtual PCs that are hosted on a cloud network to offer you remote access. These are similar to your office PCs, but you can remotely access your cloud-hosted desktops via an internet connection.

Let’s explore how using cloud-hosted desktops in place of PCs can help you improve your business functioning and productivity.

What Are Personal Cloud Hosted Desktops?

Cloud-hosted desktops are Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructure that virtualizes your entire desktop network. In this service, the cloud service provider hosts your resources on the cloud, creates virtual copies of your desktops, and offers remote access to these units.

The hypervisors used in virtual desktop hosting help you manage the virtualization of resources on a cloud server hosting data of multiple businesses or clients.

Similarly, load balancers are used to equally divide load on every virtual network, avoiding imbalance across servers.

Another major operational element of virtual desktop hosting is redundancy. The cloud-hosted desktops operate on various servers by the cloud provider. These servers are strategically isolated and placed in various locations. When you use virtual desktop hosting, your data is hosted redundantly on all these servers.

Why is this beneficial?

  • We can recover data easily even when one of the servers is damaged due to a disaster.
  • When one server stops responding, another will, which gives us the feasibility of 99.99% uptime.

Who Should Use Cloud Virtual Desktop Hosting?

Many types of users can utilize cloud-hosted desktops.

For example, if you are a remote employee working for a range of companies, you can use virtual Desktop hosting to run your entire load on the cloud. This way, you can access your data anytime from anywhere. You don’t need to carry your Desktop or laptop everywhere with you.

Even developers can benefit from cloud-hosted desktops. This is because you don’t need to sit in front of the computer till your code is compiled. Your services, important software, and other things can keep functioning even when you are away.

Think about businesses that operate remotely today. These businesses can use cloud-hosted desktops to offer seamless access to users. There’s no need to purchase dozens of laptops, enabling it with VPN and offering secure access to users. Virtual desktop hosting makes it simpler!

You Can Use Cloud Hosted Desktops On Your Phone or Tablet

Did you know that you can use cloud-hosted desktops on your tablet or phone?

One of the best features of virtual desktop hosting is the ability to work on any device. Once your desktops are on the cloud, your entire infrastructure is virtualized. This virtualization creates many virtual machines that are offered to different employees according to their requirements.

Since we are running a virtual machine through a remote server over the internet, can’t we use it on any device?

You can use your laptop, computer, tablet, or phone to access your Desktop. It is easily possible whether you want to run a Windows cloud-hosted desktop on macOS or a Mac OS cloud desktop on Linux. This way cloud offers you endless opportunities.

Why Should You Not Invest in a New PC?

Throughout the above discussion, we have offered you many reasons not to invest in a new PC. However, here are some benefits you can’t ignore:

1. Cost Benefits

Cloud-hosted desktops are extremely cost-effective – more than your office PCs.


  • On the cloud, you don’t need to purchase costly hardware for VDI setup. You can keep using your old hardware. By this, we mean that you don’t even need to repurpose or repurchase office desktops. You can simply keep using them till they wear out. This is possible because you can get better configurations on cloud-hosted desktops.
  • The cost of managing an entire IT team for office hardware is too much. Virtual desktop hosting helps you eliminate this cost. You can hire one or two IT staff to ensure the upkeep of the desktops, and that’s all.
  • The cost of handling updates and security in-house is also too much. You need hardware and software controls to manage the security of your PCs. The provider manages this in cloud-hosted desktops, so it doesn’t fall in your budget.

2. Data Security

One of the valuable features of the cloud is data security.

When you are using virtual images of your desktops on any device, the end device is not hosting this virtual Desktop. It is just helping you access an instance of it. This is similar to opening your Gmail on a browser on a device.

If you log out and leave the device, your data from your mail account doesn’t transfer to your end device. This means cyberattacks and issues in end devices don’t impact your business-critical apps.

Other security measures are:

  • External and software firewalls
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Control
  • Backup on multiple servers, which offers disaster recovery

3. Simple Expansion Verticals

When your business decides to grow or expand, you may require more resources to manage the load. In this case, virtual desktop hosting helps you increase your resources and storage without purchasing the hardware for it. You can also describe easily when you don’t need extra resources to optimize your cost of virtual desktops.


When you can receive advanced features of cloud-hosted desktops, why would you purchase personal computers? Explore the features of virtual desktop hosting above, find out how it can improve the operational efficiency of your business, and implement cloud desktops today! Don’t forget to identify the right provider for your business.

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