How to Fix Network Connection Issues in Windows 10

Fix Network Connection Issues

A network connection is a common thing faced by many windows users and trusts it is not at all a nightmare.

When there is technology, when there is automation, troubleshooting problems are certain to approach.

However, at every stage, it is important that we stay attuned to the latest updates and learn how to resolve all approaching problems especially for those who are on PC the whole day long.

If to count a few, only a few counted numbers would be there who do not use desktops, laptops, Mac in their daily lives.

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Before entering into the complete learning of how to fix the network connection issue, let us learn why the issue actually occurs. Some of the common reasons are:

  • When connecting to a WiFi network, there are possibilities you may get an error, “Can’t Connect to This Network Windows 10”
  • There are possibilities that your Ethernet cable is not working when you trying to connect
  • If Windows 10 Ethernet does not have a valid configuration
  • There are chances that though it shows connected, there is no internet connection
  • You are not able to get through a valid IP address
  • You may get errors concerning proxy settings

Furthermore, there are many such conditions that may give you this network issue. Let us now get into understanding our first initiatives before connecting to the network:

  • Check for the functioning of the router, whether it is on or off
  • Check the indicating lights on the router that ensures the connectivity of the router
  • Check whether the same internet connection is active on another desktop, PC, or any smartphone
  • Check whether your windows are connected to your own router because at times you get connected to the unsecured network when there are few available connections around

With this checklist, you ensure that the internet connection is fine and active. This helps you narrow down all the basic troubleshooting problems.

Now, let us get into the understanding of how best you can fix the network issue:

Run the Built-In-Network Troubleshooter

This is the first measure that you can try to fix the problem. Windows 10 has its own defined network troubleshooter that is built-in and hence the measures you can take are limited. However, you can try with the following steps:

  • In the search bar type “network troubleshooter”
  • Then go to choose, identify, and repair
  • The network diagnostic start to work on its own
  • This, in turn, will automatically identify, select, and repair the problem
  • Then follow the instructions to repair the problem
  • Finally, fix the network connection issues

Forget the Saved Wireless Connection

The second measure that you can follow is to forget the save the wireless connection. This you can do following the steps:

  • Go to Settings and then select ‘Network and Internet
  • Then navigate your cursor to WiFi
  • From the available list select ‘Manage Wi-Fi’
  • Select the network that you are working on
  • Then click on ‘Forget’
  • The same network won’t be automatically connected
  • Then from the same settings of Manage WiFi, connect to the same network
  • The issue gets resolved

Update the Network Adapter Driver

Updating the network adapter driver is also an effective way of fixing the error. There is a possibility that the network adapter driver has become outdated and that’s d reason the network connection does not support the working. To update the drivers, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website of the device manufacturer
  • Then search for the updated driver for windows 10
  • Download the same on a different device
  • Then install in our own PC using a CD or a USB drive
  • When the driver gets updated the error also gets resolved

Disable Firewall in Windows 10

This is also one of the effective methods to resolve the problem of windows 10 not connecting to the network. This is because many times the firewall does inhibit the connectivity of a network due to security measures. You can do so by following the steps:

  • First, go to the task box and right-click on the Win icon
  • From the given options on the admin panel choose the Command Prompt
  • Type netsh advfirewall set allprofiles
  • Hit enter and you will be able to disable the firewall
  • And then the network connection may start working

Turn off Antivirus software

You must be having anti-virus software on your PC and there are possibilities that the software stops the functioning of the network connection with the view to protect the safeguard your PC from all viruses. To turn off or disable the software, follow the steps:

  • By going to the search box
  • Type system and security in the search box
  • Using the appropriate option review your computer’s status
  • Click the arrow that points downward
  • Check if any anti-virus software is listed there
  • If yes, turn off the software
  • And with this, you can fix the network connection issue

Reinstall Network Devices

Reinstalling the network devices is the last option that works for network connection issues. The measure requires reconfiguring the drivers. You can do so by the following steps:

  • Go to the taskbar and click win button
  • Choose Settings
  • From the available options select Network & Internet
  • Further, select the Status and then choose the option Network reset
  • On the network screen select Reset Now
  • This restarts your PC
  • Wait for the system to restart
  • This helps you fix the network connection issue in windows 10


Windows 10 comes with a lot of functional and user-friendly features to make working easy and fast. When it comes to network connection there is an abundance of friendly features and in-built network diagnosis, yet there are moments when it creates a problem and we find it tough to deal with networking issues. Here, the steps and measures can be put into practice.

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