How to Edit Videos: 8 Essential Video Editing Technique

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Filming videos for your projects can be a complex task, but what enhances the details, emotions, quality, symmetry of a video?

Yes, you are thinking of the right answer, that’s editing!

It doesn’t matter how good you’ve filmed the scene unless and until it is edited by a professional editor, and for that, you need to hire a dependable video editing company.

Editing changes, the ambiance of the scenes and has to offer much more detail to the scenes shot. Minor edits can affect the quality of videos greatly.

Video editing itself is a complex science that needs to be mastered to be a pro at it; however, it’s not as hard as you think. Some best video editing companies are editing super cool videos that have taken all over the internet and media.

In today’s digital world, Companies like Adobe offer easy-to-use professional editing software. Software’s like these have made the editing process much easier, however, without the basic knowledge of editing and Software’s, one cannot edit videos up to the mark. Video production prices can vary depending upon the quality of videos you edit.

Let’s have an insight into 8 essential video editing tips and techniques.

Create and Follow a Storyboard

Storyboard holds the importance of a backbone in the filming and editing process. All the scenes should have the emotions to depict that are required for a particular scene. After filming the right sequence, what makes the emotions fall out while watching is the quality of the edit.

The use of the right editing techniques such as applying a final LUT to the film can change the whole colour contrast and theme of the scene or the movie. Editing should follow the SOPs of the storyboard and make the scene feel like an original incident happening in our daily lives.

Choose the Right Software to Edit

Editing videos can be fun if you choose the right software for editing the right type of creatives. There are various software’s out in the market that tends to be the best software for intermediate-level editing.

Applying the right filters and techniques using the right software will make you and your videos flourish. A wise choice should be made whenever going to start an edit. For example, long-length clips should be edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, while to add effects and animations Adobe After Effects should be used.

Music Arrangements

Music has the power to shift emotions from zero to the highest. Good music can make a boring video seem interesting. While editing a video use background music depending upon the requirement of the scenes.

Sad scenes can go with slow music while scenes like fighting or riding a bike on a desert highway can go with more intense or funky music respectively. Music can change the whole mood of the scenes. The better the background score the better the editing will be.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

While filming a particular scene or clicking a video do not forget the rule of thirds. Imagine in your camera lens your subject that you want to click is divided into nine parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines. Position the primary subject to be captured between the lines where the two points intersect which are known as the anchor point.

Clicking your shot or filming the scene this way will leave the focus of the viewer directed towards the primary subject in the photo or video.

Organize Your Files

You may go through chaos while you export your videos to your computer for editing. If you are an amateur, keep a sharp eye on every file that you export. Organize the files in a single folder and bookmark the primary footage.

This will help you keep your files secure in a single folder that will be easy to find, edit as well as render.

You Cannot Fix Everything in Post-Production

Most of the amateur filmmakers I’ve met or known assume that post-production edit can fix any of the errors which is completely a myth. You need to be careful while recording your videos. Editing serves the purpose of blushing up the video but not eliminating all the errors that are recorded.

Film your scenes with the right amount of light, background noise, and right mic positioning. These things can be enhanced in the editing process but cannot be fixed.

Don’t Stuff Your Clips With Effects and Transitions

Overdoing an already edited image will ruin the pixel quality of the shots that you have recorded. Effects can be put on where there is a need for colour or contrast correction.

Stuffing your video with layers of effects and transitions will not only the pixel ratio but also look very rough and unprofessional.

Evaluate the Acoustics of Your Location

To edit the videos, firstly you need to record them with perfection. Before filming a clip check the acoustics of your location. If there is an echo at the location, consider another location to avoid sound overlapping and echo.

Edit can transform the video but cannot fix the audio to perfection. Filming a sequence requires dedication and effort but the final product is always achieved in the editing room. Keep the vibe of the footage alive and try not to deviate from the storyboard at the time of editing.

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