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What Can You Learn From Black Hat SEO

What is a Black Hat SEO?

You own a website. You want to rank it higher in the results page, obviously. And you do this by systematic strategies that would optimize your website to get a more top ranking on the search engine results page.

Often, people indulge in methods that are not quite according to the rules of search engine optimization. In simple words, you should not be indulging in those practices to get a higher ranking. That is called a Black Hat SEO.

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So imagine a group of good guys and bad. The good ones are wearing white hats, which separates them from the bad one who wears the black hats. The terminology usually arises from this standard method.

In this blog, we would be considering what are the things that we can learn about Black Hat SEO and how we can use the Black Hat SEO techniques into White Hat techniques!

Just know that Black Hat SEOs are some technologies that went wrong. They did not work. That doesn’t mean that they should be discarded. What we can do is extract the best from something that is not so good!

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Some Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques

We appreciate good practices to win some goals, so we would always advise you all to follow the allowed tactics. Just so you don’t land into trouble, this is the list of Black Hat SEO tactics.

  • Content automation
  • Hidden texts or links
  • Doorway pages
  • Negative SEO or reporting a competitor
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Link schemes
  • Cloaking
  • Link manipulation (including buying links)
  • Guest posting networks
  • Link farms, link wheels or link networks
  • Article spinning
  • A rich snippet of markup spam
  • Automated queries related to Google
  • Creating pages, or subdomains or domains with duplicate content
  • Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware

And have a look at the white hat SEO tactics right here:

  • Relevant content
  • Well labeled images 
  • Relevant links and references
  • Unique and relevant page titles
  • Standards – compliant HTML
  • Complete sentences with good spelling and grammar

Black Hat SEO is not illegal exactly, but you should also be prepared to face adverse punishments if you use them.

There is various digital marketing or WordPress website design company who deliver the white hat, grey hat, and black hat SEO techniques. If you are not so good at using these techniques then you can hire these companies

So, are black hat SEOs something for you?

If you plan to do some long term venture, then NO. Depend on the white hat techniques, which are the standard for your long term business sustenance.

The real deal here is black hat SEOs work, but they cannot be depended upon for long term usage. They just are not durable.

Black Hat SEOs are simply a magnified version of a White Hat one. They take the tactics used in white hat SEOs and amplify them to unhealthy levels.

Does this mean they don’t work? Of course, they do, but then they are not dependable for long term usage and a sustainable business empire.

But you, my dear user, can very quickly learn the following tactics from the Black Hat SEO and make your website rank higher. Will this be based on the Black Hat method?

NO. These tricks lay totally in the white hate SEO region. Read on to find out what and how.

Keyword Research and Stuffing

Keyword Research and Stuffing

If you are in the world of SEO, you must definitely be familiar with “keyword research.”

This is, without a doubt, an excellent method to get your website ranking higher. If you know what the words are that a user puts in the search tab, and incorporate those into your blogs, you seem to have got the deal. 

However, if you keep stuffing your keywords in almost every line of your blog, that will never work.

A comparison between a black hat and white hat SEO tactics found that in black hat method, they put in the keyword ( for example: “best cats”) in almost every line of their blog.

That would, without a doubt, increase the readability of the sentence and thereby the entire blog, but it also lies in the Black Hat SEO technique. Very soon, your entire website is either going to be reported or would not gather users at all.

Google can point those websites out, and they would obviously not get any ranking in the SERPs. Google has its own analysis and which is why you lose if you show that you’re some black hat SEO specialist. Google wants to know your matter and the quality of your content.

Keep your keyword usage to about 4% of the number of words in your content. DO NOT stuff your entire page with keywords.

Automatic Creation Of Content

Everybody would want a robot that would create content for you and publish them automatically, right?

We all know that something like that doesn’t exist. But then in the early days of Google’s algorithm, some people used to create a robot that would scan your previous content for keywords and incorporate them into new material and would publish the same for you on your website.

This is highly inadvisable. Honest and original blogging is fortunately still a thing, and if Google finds out what you’re doing, your rankings will get terribly compromised.

An average blog that finds its ranking among the top 5 places on the SERPs all comprises 2000 – 2400 words.

You don’t have to create lengthy content every day. Just make sure that whatever your content is, it is original and easy to read and all those things they talk about in the white hat technology. 

Your content is for humans to read. You might as well get it created by humans.

Backlinks and PBNs

Backlinks and PBNs

One of the most substantial factors in SEO ranking is the link building capacity of yours. Google would only consider the number of backlinks and give you ranking accordingly.

According to a study, your website gets a higher ranking if it has more number of backlinks.

White hat SEOs are often seen to depend on the honest testimonials of users, guest blogging, followed by mutual partnerships to gain backlinks.

But this is not the thing for Black Hat SEOs. What they do is, they create something called a Private Blog Network (PBN).

PBNs are something that has a network of inactive domains that have pre-built SEO qualities. They use this to link their website.

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Internal Linking

What Black Hat SEO specialists do is, they stuff the internal linking so much that you find links to pages on each line and on each word of specific content. This may be harmful to your ranking. An example is the Wikipedia page.  This consists of internal links and too much that it involves a lot of stuffing.

Remember that you are trying to make it easier for Google to analyze your content by adding internal links. This way, you get a higher ranking. That doesn’t mean you end up reducing the readability of the page.

A good suggestion is to include 3 to 4 internal links so that Google finds it more comfortable to understand what you’re trying to explain. It is getting better with each day.

And after you do this, try constructing your page in a Pillar concept. This means you talk about one thing into great depth and then move on to the next. This helps your readers gain some significant knowledge, but it is also suitable for your SEO juice.

Your Brand Name

Your Brand Name

As a white hat SEO specialist, your target is to create a brand name that is relevant to your company and your products.

Black Hat SEO specialist just performs a keyword search and finds out which is the popular word typed by users, and they keep their brand names according to that.

For example, a popular keyword is “content marketing.” Many black hat SEO developers would just keep their brand names as “” or something that has the keyword in it.

This works so well that it is not even a black hat SEO tactic anymore. Reputable companies are found to use this method to increase their ranking.

You can do this. It is totally up to you if you would want to keep your brand name as a keyword that is typed by users. They can benefit your short term ranking in the search engine results page.


Of course, black hat strategies exist because of white hat strategies. They are an exaggeration of the good ones.

You can use the black hat SEO techniques. They are not illegal. But then it is always pleasant and satisfying to use the useful methods instead of the shady ones.

If you want a long term venture, you should depend on white hat SEO techniques. If you are planning an empire, you might as well do it correctly. So, tell us about what white hat SEO techniques you learned from the black hat SEO tactics?

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