Build an Advanced SEO Strategy That Works

As you know the Google algorithm continues evolving, and there is always room to learn more and advance your SEO procedure.

It’s not a secret that everyone wants more organic traffic to maximize sales and get better rankings.

Most developers like the San Diego company and others offer SEO services to help businesses scale high through their websites. Nevertheless, some are hands-on with search engine optimization practices. Well, this article will benefit them and those willing to do some cost-cutting, assuming they have the know-how.

E.A.T. SEO Strategy

E.A.T. is an acronym that has become quite popular in the SEO world. Meaning; expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

E.A.T. SEO strategy

Google wants you to apply these in your content to get satisfied with accurate and reliable information. The masters of black hat techniques cannot manipulate these SEO signals when combined.

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Google RankBrain Optimization

It’s crucial to consider this SEO strategy because Google claims 90 percent and more of the search market.

Google RankBrain Optimization

It is also one of their top three rankings. But how can you optimize content for Google RankBrain?

  • First, you need to focus on Click Through Rate (C.T.R.), which is the one that shows you the number of clicks that your page is receiving.
  • Second, optimize your title tags and meta and ensure they feature your keyword, which is vital because they are the ones to appear in search results. They should compel the user to click them and enable crawlers to understand your content quickly.

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Host Your HTML Files from a C.D.N.

Implement this SEO strategy that will help you increase conversion and impress your overall users across the world.

Host Your HTML Files from a C.D.N.

That means they can seamlessly search through their mobile, regardless of their location, with a content delivery network.

That also boosts your site speed, which you already know is a crucial ranking factor. To do this, a developer from the SEO expert Los Angeles can help implement it on your site.

Use Content Hubs

So, how can they help in SEO? Content hubs explain a given topic. Below is an example of a content marketing hub created by Backlinko.

Use Content Hubs

These are organized SEO resources, including technical and link-building. And they usually get optimized around a longtail keyword.

The essence of using the content hub entries is to match the search intent. Also, internal linking helps the user stay engrossed in your content which creates “dwell time.”

Use Comparison Keywords

Words that compare two or more different things are worth targeting because they help the user decide fast on which one to pick.

Use Comparison Keywords

The websites that often use these comparison keywords usually get a good ranking. The secret is to work on a content-optimized comparison keyword around your services or products versus your competitor.

Use Original or High-Quality Images

Did you know that duplicate images can dent your page’s ranking? That’s according to an experiment done recently. Therefore, you don’t want to use any picture that is not high-quality, especially when building an advanced SEO strategy.

Use Original or High-Quality Images.

When you embed the original images, they enhance your content and provide a better ranking. They also improve your Google Discover, which leads us to our next strategy.

Google Discover SEO

If this word is new to you, it merely means the Google news feed from social media. What it does, is it features high-quality content based on your previous searches and suggests them to you.

Google Discover SEO

And since you are likely to find an image with each Google Discover result, it’s crucial to optimize the picture and use the high-quality type. Other things that will improve your Google Discover include;

  • Original and high-quality images are the only ones you should be using in your content.
  • Get active on Twitter because Google does index there.
  • Keep evergreen content to achieve high traffic the moment your post goes live.
  • Base your content on popular topics since Google Discover suggests the browser’s history content.

FAQs Page Markup Schema

When you implement the FAQs page markup to your site, it automatically adds the common FAQ. These are the questions that appear on your search listing.

FAQpage Markup Schema

People tend to remember a URL that impacted some useful information quickly. And they usually return for more or share the link with others, creating fantastic traffic.

Include the Year on Your Topic

What do we mean by this? People want to know what to presume for the coming years, or currently, what’s trending.

The user will do a search based on a particular year. You, as a writer, need to put your full focus on it. A common is, “SEO in coming years.

Do an Audit on Your Site

If you need to find out why your site is not achieving enough sales or search traffic, use auditing to solve the problem quickly.

Do an Audit on Your Site

It is a service that most companies offer, including the San Diego company. However, you can also learn how to do this overlooked SEO strategy. Start with basics like checking your page titles or meta descriptions if they are at par with on-page SEO.

  • Then each page should have optimized SEO keywords without stuffing them.
  • Your URLs should have an optimized structure for search engine optimization.
  • Ensure your images have keywords in their alt tags.
  • Use internal and external links, as these are Google’s top three rankings.
  • Now, review your on-page SEO score, which starts with 0 as the lowest, to 100 being the highest.
  • Go through a health check and find possible errors.
  • After an audit, it’s inevitable to find errors and suggestions. Click on each line to find more information. 

Avoid or Delete Thin Content

The pages contain few words and don’t exceed 250, doorway pages, duplicate content, and affiliate pages.

Avoid or Delete Thin Content.

As of Google, it can apply a manual action penalty, which you can find in the Google Search Console as shown below;

Pages Contain Few Words

Thin content can be a hindrance to a better ranking, which also influences other pages. It offers scanty information to the user, unlike the lengthy articles considered more informative by Google.

First, you will need to audit your web content, then use the Google sheet to segregate it. Now choose the action you will take; 

Updating or deleting? It’s prudent to use a redirect for option two, so you can later add more valuable information.

In Conclusion

Applying the above SEO strategies will give you the results you want to see on your website. However, some of the advanced tactics might require you to use an SEO expertbecause they are more technical.

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