Best VXI BlueParrott Headsets for 2024 in the USA

Best VXI BlueParrott Headsets

Headsets have become an inevitable tool to buy with communication devices such as laptops, smartphones, and PCs. They not only provide you with quality sound for calls but let you enjoy the music you want to hear.

They are manufactured by audio experts who observe and research to understand what their customers demand.

There are hundreds and thousands of headsets in the market, but the best among all is VXI headsets by BLueParrot. They are engineered for superior communications in high-noise environments. They are integrated with the latest technologies that make them most demanding among real audiophiles.

VXI BlueParrott Headsets for 2024 in the USA

They are ideal for professional drivers and enterprise workers if you are looking for such headgear then have a look at these best models selected for you in the USA.

1) VXi Blueparrott Point White

These light and slim white-colored Bluetooth headsets are designed for professionals on the go. They are made stylish and comfortable to use for all-day communication. They are featured with HD voice for clear sound and are integrated with special microphones that are capable of suppressing 82 % of noise in the background.

This VXi Blueparrott Point White device is perfect for giving you great sound in a small package. They are manufactured with durable and reliable materials, which make them industry-leading headsets. They make you enjoy crystal-clear conversation no matter where you are. They provide you with ultimate wireless freedom with 6 hours of talk time. They can be paired with two devices using Bluetooth technology as well as offer NFC pairing with any compatible device.

The integration of A2DP support for streaming audio from Bluetooth devices makes it more demanding. They stream music or GPS directions as well. They offer a wide range of 66 feet for distortion-free communication. They offer Near Field Communication (NFC) for quick pairing.

They are highly comfortable to use with different devices like laptops, smartphones, and iOS. They have a flexible boom and in-ear-wearing style. They are integrated with iOS battery charge monitoring. You can get the most out of it by using the BLueParrot App and adjusting it according to your choice.

2) VXi BlueParrott B250XT+ BT Headset & Charger with Car & Wall Charging Cords

These VXI Wireless Headsets are an innovative listening device engineered for life on the road. They are occupied with all the essential features to deliver remarkable sound quality for calls and music. They are perfect to use in noisy environments with an impressive 91% noise cancellation to make you hear.

VXi BlueParrott B250XT headsets have a sturdy and durable design that can withstand life on the road, in traffic, and in all sorts of tough environments. The headband is highly adjustable and looks sleek and elegant in looks. It is lightly weighted to wear with an over-the-wearing style that helps you stay focused and concentrated.

They are highly comfortable with foam ear cushions and a quick start manual to use. They are integrated with multi-function button controls to pair devices, manage calls, and turn on/off the device. They are integrated with a long-lasting battery that allows you to stay connected for about 20 hours of talk time. They are manufactured with a 300mAh battery that takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully.

They include a standard USB-A to Micro USB connector charging cable. These headsets are roadworthy and stand up to real-world use. They deliver impressive sound quality for music and a 36mm speaker that offers excellent voice reproduction and balanced frequency response. These headsets are best for those people who are always on the road and have to stay connected to their devices.

3) VXi BlueParrott B350-XT BT Headset & Charger with Car & Wall Charging Cords

VXi BlueParrott B350-XT BT headsets are engineered for superior calls in the busiest environments. They are manufactured for the professionals on the go. They are designed to improve your life on the go. They are highly comfortable and sturdy in design. They are made into an over-the-head-wearing style with a flexible microphone.

They allow you to enjoy safe hands-free working with Voice Control and long battery life. The ear cushion is integrated with soft foam that does not irritate the skin and easily sits on ear contours. They provide you with a broadband range of 300 feet and can be paired with different devices with Bluetooth technology.

They can be connected with smartphones to handheld terminals. They are featured with Bluetooth version 5.0. They are integrated with large easy-to-press buttons for better control of the calls and maximum ease of use. They come with a year warranty from the manufacturer to take away your stress of early replacements.


These all models of headsets are the ultimate choice for people who are mobile and have to spend most of their time in heavy traffic and on the roads. These headsets are available at a discounted price at FindHeadsets for you in the USA.


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