The Best Wireless Range Extenders for Power Users

Best Wireless Range Extenders

We are 24/7 connected to the internet. We need it for every other device. Back in the past, it was limited to our cellphones, laptops, and computers. Now, the dynamics have changed with the introduction of IoT products.

This means that we need a connection in every single corner of the house. Wired connections are outdated. The wireless technology is getting better day after day. However, even after investing in a decent internet connection, we may face the issue of dead zones.

If you have excessive usage, you cannot afford to have dead zones in the house. Many internet providers are trying to overcome the problem by introducing better Wi-Fi routers. For example, all Spectrum packages have Whole-home Wi-Fi for better reception and signal strength.

Nevertheless, if you are still not satisfied, you need a wireless extender. The Wi-Fi signal strength will significantly improve in a matter of minutes.

How does a Wireless Range Extender Work?

The Wi-Fi extender works in coherence with your existing router. It makes the signal strength stronger. They function similarly to the stereo amplifiers that are used for driving some hi-fi systems.

The electric power coming from the source increases the original strength of the signal and the amplified signal is transmitted in the air. This feat of engineering gets accomplished with the help of the antennas. One of them is used for the transmission while the other catches the signals.

It is commonly known as booster or repeater. All these names mean the same device. Shortly, a device that captures the Wi-Fi signals and transmits them after amplification.

Almost all wireless extenders plug into a standard socket. Most of them have a dedicated smartphone application for set-up.

If you are a power user and need to eliminate dead zone from your house, here is the list of top wireless range extenders for your home!

Amped Wireless Athena-EX

Athena-EX High Power AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE2600M) is one of the most reliable extenders when it comes to power users. It beats all the top and expensive extenders in the market with its four sets of antennas. At a time, you can connect four wired devices that mean seamless connectivity and ultimate gaming experience on your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. You can support an internet connection up to 1 Gbps.

Moreover, the hardware is amazingly fast. A dual-core processor powers the extender with 16 amplifiers. You do not have to decide the best location for this device. This is a smart extender and the LED indicators automatically guide you in an ideal position. The combined power of the processor, amplifiers, and antennas cover an area of up to 15,000 sq. ft.

D-Link DAP-1720

D-Link’s DAP-1720 Wi-Fi AC1750 Range Extender is one of the most user-friendly options available in the market. The extender comes with a convenient mobile application so that you can manage the device setting directly through it. The Ethernet port supports the ultra-fast download speeds of 1 Gigabit. The physical switch can help you to extend the reach of your router whenever you want.

D-Link DAP-1720 does a great job when you have to push the signals a floor above or even below. It has a vertical orientation that makes it the ideal candidate for multistory homes.

Nighthawk X6S

Nighthawk X6S is the most advanced device in the market. The Nighthawk X6S EX8000 Tri-band Extender is the next generation device of networking and performs all the aspects. The performance, hardware, and design make it an ideal candidate for power users. The design will blend with your interior’s ambiance.

It has the best hardware. The six antennas can give maximum signal strength across 2500 sq. ft. It evens the speed barrier. If you can afford it, the Nighthawk X6S will even support download speeds of 3000 Mbps.

With all the complex hardware, you might be wondering that it would be very difficult to set up. However, it is the opposite. You do not even need a manual, as the set-up is plain and simple. After setting it up, you can power up to 50 devices at a time. This means that power users can connect as many smartphones, laptops, IoT products, and computers as they like.

This device works wonders for gamers. There are multiple Ethernet ports so that you can connect your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC simultaneously.

Moreover, the device is very secure and loaded with all the WPA & WEP protocols. Therefore, if you are a power user, this extender is a must-have. You might be wondering that a device like this will cost you a fortune. However, compared to the other options, it is quite cheaper and you can get it under $180 from Amazon.

Linksys RE7000

The dual-band routers are quite accessible these days. Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream AC1900+ Wi-Fi Range Extender has the latest band technology. The extender has 4 external antennas and 802.11ac dual-band support which is good enough to support download speeds up to 1 Gigabit.

If you do not want to spend over $100 for an extender but still want to get the maximum out of it, this is the best option. The smart software will automatically assist you in finding the perfect place to boost the signal strength. You can connect as many devices as you like for power usage.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of other options available in the market but these extenders get the job done better than all the others.

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