Important Gadgets That College Students Should Try in 2024

Important Gadgets

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the number of electronic products created to facilitate daily tasks is growing.

The use of Gadgets has extended to several areas even in the academic one. These devices can be very helpful for students. Nowadays, having technological tools that make the way of studying easier, becomes necessary.

Technology offers a variety of interesting options for tomorrow’s professionals, for that reason, we will talk about some technological inventions for university students. With the right technology, everyday university life can be mastered better. We present new gadgets for students that help them in Assignment Help and that they must try in 2024.

List of Important Gadgets for Students to Try in 2024:

Noise-canceling Headphones

Whether in the cafeteria, in the library, or on campus: headphones are a blessing for drumming. Another advantage: Many models today are wireless and actively suppress noise using noise canceling. But which headphones are students guaranteed not to go wrong with? The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 or Sennheiser PCX 500 has been tried and tested for years – timeless in design, and long-lasting in quality. That justifies the high price.

Smart Notebook

Many students swear by the good old laptop, even in the digital age. The Italian manufacturer Moleskine is considered a cult brand here. Digital and analog don’t have to be a contradiction here: Since 2017, Moleskine has been offering a smartpen for its notebooks (199 euros), which records what has been written with a small camera and sends it to a cell phone via Bluetooth – if that’s not cool. 

Power Bank

Two lectures in the morning, then in the cafeteria, in the afternoon in the seminar, and at the end of the day at university sports: a day in the life of a student is long, which also affects the battery of the smartphone. So that the juice of your flatterer doesn’t run out, it is worth buying a power bank: for example the Anker Powercore with 20,100 mAh for around 32 euros.

Voice Recorder

Unfortunately, not every lecture is recorded via a live stream, so that it cannot be repeated before the exams. A dictation machine (30 euros) helps: Just put it on the table before each lecture and let it run alongside. The recordings can later be archived on the computer. But be careful: audio recordings are usually not allowed. Therefore, it is better to ask the prof beforehand.

E-book Reader

Popularly reads, reads. And where is a book better to read than in long breaks? With e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Tolino Shine, students can virtually carry their entire bookshelf around in their backpacks. Also, e-books are often much cheaper than bound books. The models are available for 110 to 120 euros.

Bluetooth Speaker

Good music should not be missing if you hang out with fellow students on warm summer evenings in the park. Unfortunately, hardly anyone has a guitar with them today and smashes “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple. So: Buy a Bluetooth speaker – for example, the Zipp from Libratone (200 euros), JBL Flip 4 (80 euros), or the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 for around 115 euros.

External Hard Drive

External hard drives like the WD Elements Portable (from 47 euros) or Seagate Stea (from 45 euros) are still useful in the cloud age. For example, when sensitive data is to be stored or exchanged between several computers (the laptop in the university, the stationary computer at home). An external hard drive is also recommended for backup reasons. After all, no student has fun losing all of his lecture notes and scripts shortly before the exam due to a system crash.

Laptop Stand

If you only work with a laptop, it makes sense to buy a laptop stand. These are often so small that you can take them with you and increase work comfort more than you think. From an ergonomic point of view, in particular, it is wise to bring the laptop to the correct height.

Mini Projector

Mini projectors may be somewhat unusual, but they can be useful. There are now pocket-sized projectors that work with your smartphone without any problems. Such a small projector can not keep up with its more significant colleagues, but is excellent as a presentation aid, as a tool for the learning group, or for spontaneous Netflix and YouTube sessions in the shared apartment.

Remote Presentation Control

A performance remote control is an absolute must-have among the gadgets. Not many things seem more unprofessional than being tied to the laptop during the lecture. With such remote control, you can not only switch your slides on but often also have a time guard (by vibration) and a laser pointer in your hand. You may get similar functionality with your mobile phone, but let’s be honest, for 10 – 15 €, the problem is solved once and for all.

Good Water Bottle And Coffee Mug

Plastic bottles and paper cups are stupid – for the wallet, for the environment, and when it comes to coffee, for the taste too! For these reasons, you should get a good drinking bottle and a good coffee mug as soon as possible – in most cafes; there is even a discount in the meantime if you bring your cup. From experience, most coffee mugs are not tight – but Emsa has never let me down.

A Notebook and a Good Pen

Even though we wrote above that paper is sometimes annoying, a proper notebook (which you also want to use) and a good pen (which you want to use) remain essential for all students. Studying is more than just memorizing things and passing exams. Studying is also, at least, it should be about thinking and having ideas. Whenever these ideas arise, the notebook comes into play. Doesn’t that sound like your studies? It can also be used as a diary or as a distraction during a boring lecture.

2-In-1 Vacuum Cleaner

On the list of things I need in life but for which I don’t want to spend money, a vacuum cleaner quickly ends up in the top ten. Nevertheless, you won’t want to use your dustpan to collect the crumbs in your first apartment. Therefore, the device is also a wonderful gift for students to move into. The bag-free and wireless 2-in-1 variant consisting of a hand and an upright vacuum cleaner are mainly practical and space-saving.

Electric Coffee Warmer

This electric cup warmer will save you a lot of trips to the microwave. Because who doesn’t know it? Half an hour mentally in the tunnel and instantly – the coffee is cold. The solution: a small warming plate that you can conveniently connect directly to a laptop or PC using a USB cable.

Wifi Printer

Even if a lot is now done digitally at the university, you will have to hand in your paper and theses at the latest. Because yes, why exactly? Probably nobody knows that. But what can help you with this is a home printer with a WLAN function. You do not need to connect the device to your PC using a cable cumbersomely.

Multiple USB Connectors

If you live in a shared apartment, you will often ask yourself where you should charge your many technical devices. Because less living space also means: fewer sockets. You can also use a single outlet to charge your cell phone, tablet, headphones, and smartwatch by using multiple USB plugs. You can connect four devices at the same time and conveniently charge them side by side.


Having all these devices will not make a better student overnight, you will have to work your way through all of them and understand their usage. Nonetheless, possession of these devices will surely induce a potential in you and give you an edge over others.

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