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How to Use Instagram Live Rooms for Marketing

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Instagram Live Rooms is a new feature that allows you to use Instagram to create live streams in which three other guests in addition to the main host can participate.

In essence, this is simply an improvement on Instagram Live, which so far has allowed only one other person to be added to the livestream.

Although it is not a revolutionary function, surely Live Rooms will make possible some marketing actions that so far could not be carried out on this social network.

A multi-user streaming has the advantage of being more engaging and fun and above all, thanks to the concomitant presence of several people who agree on a certain topic, it can make the arguments made more credible thanks to the effect of social proof.

Let’s go into more detail explaining how Instagram Live Rooms works and how it can best be used for marketing actions.

How Instagram Live Rooms works

As we said, Instagram Live Rooms allows you to go live on Instagram with three other people.

To launch a Live Rooms session, just swipe to the left, select the “Camera” function and then the “Live” function, assign a name to the room and tap the Room icon to add the guests you want to participate.

Users who may have already requested to do life with you will be shown and it will be possible to search for other users to summon in the session. You will be able to add guests all together or one at a time after streaming starts.

Using Instagram Live Rooms for marketing

In a period in which live streaming is increasingly driving and represents one of the strengths of a good communication plan, the opportunity to start multi-user live streams offers many advantages and can be exploited in various ways.

Product Demo

The best presentation of a product is the one that allows you to understand how to best use it, obtaining the maximum benefits. The problem is that these presentations are often boring and too didactic because a single person who illustrates the characteristics of a product rarely manages to be compelling and capable of making breezy entertainment.

Even the best professionals, perhaps used to illustrating products on television, during a stream on Instagram can seem rigid and too focused on themselves, with the effect of being uninvolving.

Creating presentations in which multiple promoters are conversing with each other can make all the difference because immediately the stream turns into a minishow. If the protagonists are brilliant and able to interact with each other in a lively way, success is guaranteed.

Directly Involve the Most Enthusiastic Customers by Inviting Them to Participate

Nothing is more convincing than an enthusiastic customer speaking highly of a product. If you can find ambassadors willing to tell their experience of using a product, you can create a session in which the moderator interviews them and leads them to declare their positive opinions.

Participants can be recruited from those users who most follow and interact with published posts and who are very inclined to share and comment positively. To further motivate them, the company can reward ambassadors with gifts or discount coupons.

In general, however, it is recommended to first perform a private session with them to agree on the contents on which you will converse during streaming and give some advice on how to behave during the live session, to avoid a performance with an uncertain trend and with little substance.

Question and Answer Sessions with Clients

In the era of online communication, a large part of customer care has moved to social networks. Companies use their profiles and pages to converse with customers and answer questions and requests of all kinds.

It is possible to start live streams in which users are allowed to converse directly with company managers on particular topics. Users can ask their questions by posting comments and people from the company participating in the stream can give their answers in real-time.

In some cases it is also possible to directly involve some users to participate in the live streaming in person, allowing them to converse live with company managers. To do this, you must open a session with three company managers and keep a slot open for any other users to join the conversation.

Sessions with Influencers

Engaging one or more influencers on a specific topic that interests the company is a great way to win over a large audience. Each influencer will invite their followers to follow the streaming and therefore the company will immediately have a large audience.

It is not necessary to involve big influencers to make a good live session. Sometimes micro-influencers are the most active and zealous in participating in this type of event, precisely because they are looking for notoriety and being taken into good consideration by companies.

Tutorials and Lessons

One of how companies can attract the interest of users is to offer useful information through real lessons or tutorials on specific topics. Cooking lessons, indications on the latest fashion trends, reviews and analysis of the characteristics of technological devices, etc. are just some of the possible uses of Live Rooms.

Creating training sessions in which several teachers together illustrate various aspects of a certain topic makes this type of communication much more pleasant than the situation in which only one teacher speaks. Furthermore, if external experts are also involved, the content of the session becomes much more stimulating, and the chances of widening the audience increase strongly.

Quizzes and Games

Never neglect the entertainment aspect when communicating on social media. In this sense, opening a Live Rooms session in which a company presenter animates games in which three other users participate, perhaps chosen from among the most active customers in interactions with company posts, can be very valid.

The simplest formula to implement is to take quizzes on various topics relevant to the specifics of the brand and products, but you can also do more complex entertainment sessions by inventing more complex games. It’s up to those who plan the event to come up with something original and fun.

Do you want to make the most of Instagram or other social media for marketing your business? Request a free consultation in which we will study with you the communication objectives of your company and we will propose solutions to improve the relationship with your existing customers and to find new ones. Contact us now!

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