On-Demand Services Business by Launching an App Like Gojek, Grab, and WeChat

On-Demand Services Business

Hi reader! We live in a decade that is nothing short of technological miracles. Agree? Apparently, technology has been driving us towards a more luxurious life and no one can deny that.

One of the branches of these technological advancements is on-demand services. You may be familiar with on-demand services as it is creating a storm in the marketplace.

Assuming that you are an entrepreneur looking out to make an entry into the ever-lucrative market, here I present the blog on the benefits of on-demand services. Let us start!

What are On-Demand Services and Who are Their Settlers?

on-demand services are those that can be availed anywhere and anytime. The word “instant” will be more synonymous with on-demand services. If you doubt whether any type of service can be availed by the users in the app, then the answer is a definite yes. Any type of services like taxi services, delivery services, and an array of other online services can be availed by users. Sounds great!

Gojek, a leading multi-services on-demand service provider is the first to unwind the concept of multiple on-demand services. Initially, the company gained fame for its on-demand taxi services but later on, it came forward to offer multiple services. Despite the number of services it provides, the company ensures to provide quality and on-time delivery services to its users.

Though there are many competitors involved, the company holds its head high in the marketplace. What differentiates it from other service providers? Apart from the quality of services offered, the company also delights its users with promotional offers on a routine basis. This greatly motivates users to avail their services via the app. Similarly, Grab and WeChat made their business multi-services by introducing a number of on-demand services to avail.

From a business perspective, you will be curious to know the sectors in which you can offer your services. Are you ready to explore the various sectors in which you can extend your services? Let us dive in.

Various Sectors That Employ On-Demand Services

Here are the various sectors that most of the on-demand super apps like Gojek, Grab, and WeChat offer. With proper planning and strategies, any entrepreneur can come up with an idea to launch an on-demand app like Gojek.

Food Delivery Services

The food delivery services are the most prominent ones. Be it a foodie or a tired household who wishes to enjoy restaurant food. They are on the go option is to order food online via food delivery apps.

There are restaurants that tie up with food delivery apps to cater to the needs of their customers. You can find out your restaurant partner and list them/services on your app.

Grocery Delivery Services

Another lucrative service of current times is the online grocery delivery services. The grocery delivery services have started to capture the attention of users recently that too with the onset of the pandemic. So this is an absolute opportunity to offer grocery delivery services.

Healthcare Services

The healthcare sector should receive more spotlight as it is the underrated services. People who live in remote areas or do not have access to multi-specialty hospitals lack proper medical consultations.

People will definitely get attracted by your online medical services as these services are the most demanding ones. The online healthcare services will cement the gap between users and doctors thereby providing a seamless service at their confinements. Patients can either avail of services via video consultation or book appointments to visit the hospital or clinic in person.

Educational Sectors

Till a few years ago the only mode of education was through schools and other educational institutions. But now, one can get any type of educational material online, no matter the branch of study. There are many websites that provide online tutor materials and courses to help users achieve their goals.

Nowadays, students and other professionals prefer online course materials to conventional books as they can learn from expert minds across the world along with course completion certificates.

Travel and Tourism Sectors

More than half of the total population prefer online services for traveling. From taxi booking to accommodation people prefer online booking. Many travel booking companies have started to bring their services online as users find it the most convenient option.

Alongside this, the tourism booking companies are also extending their services online. Users who wish to explore different places will come in search of a travel booking app where they can get information about the travel packages and the accommodations.

Logistics Services

Another demanding service is the logistics services. The need for sending out goods or parcels is increasing and users can avail of these services with your app. Users can transfer goods, and track them until it reaches the concerned destination.

Courier Services

In previous days, people had to go in search of courier delivery services. But now, people can easily send or receive couriers via on-demand courier services. Easy and convenient.

Entertainment Sectors

The introduction of smartphones made people forget televisions and other media. On-demand streaming apps telecast almost any type of entertainment content from movies to series. You can fix a subscription plan on a monthly basis or yearly basis so that users will choose their preferred or affordable plan.

Home Services

Gone are the days when household chores are to be carried out on our own. Fast forwards to this decade, one can hire a maid to complete the household chores from cleaning to babysitting. Home services are preferred by anyone including working women.


People who are looking for employment opportunities will use this platform to find jobs that match their requirements. List a variety of jobs like part-time, full-time, etc., so that you can cover a large group of people who are seeking employment.

Real-estate sectors

With on-demand real-estate services, users will be able to buy or sell their properties legally and without the intervention of a middleman. Since the need for middlemen is neglected, users can save their money from paying brokerage fees.

Winding up,

The Gojek clone script is the right app solution for your on-demand service business. The app has the potential to accept and process any number of service requests. Not to leave, the app is vested with innumerable real-time features that will lure your users.

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