How Magento 2.3 Helps E-commerce Business?

Magento 2.3 Helps E-commerce Business

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms, which is written in PHP. In fact,

according to a survey, Magento is the second most popular eCommerce platform across the world. The features such as flexibility, payment options, smart delivery integration, etc. made this platform the leading choice among e-commerce business owners.

Moreover, the latest updates of Magento 2.3 have increased the demand for its development for eCommerce mobile applications. Still, wondering how Magento helps e-commerce? You can turn to a qualified Magento support agency. Or go through this article.

Before we move on to understand Magento’s exclusivity for eCommerce, let’s get an overview of the basic features of the platform.

Key Features of Magento 2.3

Since Magento has introduced the latest updates, it’s offering distinct features that help to build more robust e-commerce platforms. Here is a list of the key features of Magento 2.3;

  • PWA – Progressive Web APP
  • Database Schema
  • MSI – Multi-Source Inventory
  • Page Builder
  • Cache Management ACL
  • Google reCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Elasticsearch Updates, etc.

Let’s find out how Magento 2.3 is helping E-commerce

It’s an Open-source Platform

Even though there are multiple eCommerce Magento mobile app development platforms available in the market, Magento has discrete qualities that enable you to develop the platform efficiently.

One of its distinct qualities is that it is an open-source eCommerce development platform with cost-effectiveness. It means that developers can use the framework and modify it easily according to customers’ requirements.

Also, there is community support available which aids in the complexities. This platform is available in various versions such as free, enterprise, and hosted. Nonetheless, the updated version is accessible for website owners without any additional costs.

It Offers SEO Friendly Functionality

Magento extends various functionalities to develop and design an SEO-friendly eCommerce website which is a necessity in this tech-savvy time. With this platform, it is easier to create a customized website along with the alteration to meta tags, URLs, descriptions, categories, keywords, contents, and many other related features. Magento platform for E-commerce also includes Google and HTML sitemaps that make it simpler for the robots from search engines to crawl the web pages and highlight them on the top of the Search engine.

In addition, Magento holds the most flexible API that enables its users to integrate various applications and plugins such as payment gateways, web analytics, and tracking & shipping. These add-on features help to improve search engine rankings by offering a user-friendly experience.

Highly Scalable with Flexibility

The Magento platform provides the ultimate ecommerce solution with a compelling combination of highly scalable design and a wide-ranging support interface. The E-commerce websites that are developed and designed on the Magento platform accommodate seamlessly to any supplementary extensions or customized features. Furthermore, Fortune 500 companies such as Olympus, Harpers Bazar, Nike, and Fiji Water have adopted Magento as their CMS platform.

Besides, Magento proposes a flexible content management system. It allows you to create customized solutions that operate in sync with your e-commerce business requirements. The eCommerce web development companies that provide Magento mobile app development services prefer Magento for e-commerce businesses because of its highly scalable and flexible features.

Expand Mobile Experiences for More Conversions

As the usage of mobile devices increases day by day, eCommerce businesses are shifting to m-commerce. Magento 2.3’s PWA Studio assists in Magento mobile app development for eCommerce. PWA Studio has been allowed with open web standards, reference themes, and guided development to empower Magento developers to increase their speed and efficiency.

Being an open-source initiative, Magento 2.3’s tool is anticipated to come up with regular updates, concerning the addition of new features, recommendation theme enrichment, and quality enhancements for mobile experiences. And, highly capable of m-commerce development helps to get more customers in for your business.

Strengthen Inventory Management

It is imperative to streamline inventory management for eCommerce businesses. Generally, the business needs to manage multiple products in bulk. Magento admin is capable enough to manage larger volume inventories across assorted locations and sources including warehouses, third-party drop shippers, distribution centers, etc.

The new features of Magento 2.3 also allow us to track inventory at each of the sources, and assign products and quantities to the fulfillment sources. It can be integrated with third-party inventory systems to streamline operations with commands to hold control over the inventory sources as well.

Besides, even merchants with a single inventory source can acquire comprehensive benefits from this tool, with particular quantity counts and accurate checkouts. Hence, Magento helps in multiple ways to empower eCommerce businesses.

It’s an open-source platform that contributes distinct key features to develop a powerful eCommerce website or a mobile application. However, oftentimes, you need to customize the functionality of your site or app to match your business requirements.

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