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How Can You Use Social Media Display To Build Engagement Through Digital Signages?

Engagement can be a big problem when it comes to marketing. A lot of times you get impressions but there are no engagements. Am I right or am I right? It can lead to a lot of hit and trial methods to get some action from the audience. Don’t worry, we have a great solution for you.

Social Media and Digital Signages are both focused on gaining engagement from the users and tend to have the availability of personalized communication. How about merging both the solutions to take engagement to another level?

Why Social Media?

There are over 3.8 billion social media users all around the world, and the number is expected to rise in the upcoming years. Social media holds immense power when it comes to grabbing user’s attention as most of the people are already spending a lot of their time on these social media platforms only.

It has the power to influence consumer decisions in the present day. A lot of consumers like to post their reviews and interact with their favorite brands on these social media platforms.

1. Encourages Participation

Social media is engaging and attractive. When you standing in queues for your turn or waiting for a bus, you definitely find it as one of the best ways to pass your time and distract yourself. Also, social media is very easy to use and handle, to see yourself there, all you have to do it post on your social media which takes just seconds of your time. Not only that, you experience temporary fame among the people looking at your post.

2. Drives Action

A lot of users want to say things to the world and voice their opinions but they don’t really know how to reach a large audience. Social media digital signages give them a platform and opportunity to voice their views and reviews. It works as a call-to-action where people don’t hesitate even for a second.

3. Increases Brand Visibility

When your users post about your brand and its products & services, the visibility of your product on social media will automatically increase. Along with that, display on social media digital signages will add a cherry on the top. The combined effort can help you with brand awareness to some other level.

Ways to Leverage Social Media

There are a few ways you can use Social Media on your Digital Signages, below mentioned are the best ones for a brand:

1. Display Social Media Feeds

Displaying Social Media Feeds on social media digital signage can be a great way to attract the users, engage them with the content, build trust for the brand and motivate them to interact with the brand. User-Generated Content is on a boom right now and leveraging it for your brand can not be a bad option. It is also cost-effective, you save a lot of money on content production as your users will be creating content for you.

Social Media Display

2. Broadcast the Discounts and Offers

Apart from just creating brand awareness and engagements, you can display discounts and offers for informing your users about any upcoming opportunities to buy your products for a cheaper price. You can also add the gamification element making it more interactive and hold out giveaways. 

Broadcast the Discounts and Offers

3. Educate the Public

Social Media has the power to engage the users, so why not use it to educate them as well. It gets easier when the content is not very lengthy and attractive too. The consumers willingly read it and the motive is also accomplished. You can do this by an interactive campaign as well such as QnAs. It is up to you how you want to power your campaign.

Educate the Public

4. Track Your Performance with Social Media Metrics

Tracking becomes easier with social media metrics such as tagging and hashtags. You can easily analyze your performance and make changes according to audience reaction towards the social media digital signage content. You can track shares, impressions, likes, and many more metrics.

Tools for Social Media Display on Digital Signages

Here are some of the best tools one can use to display social media on digital signages:

1. Taggbox-Signage

“Taggbox is a UGC Platform that helps marketers to increase user engagement, build trust, and drive conversions with solutions to discover, curate and display User-Generated Content on all the marketing touchpoints.”

Taggbox-Signage is the solution it provides for digital signages. It allows you to collect content from multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more. The content can be in any form such as images, videos, text, GIFs, blogs, and everything else in between. It operates in real-time giving you instant updates of the content.

It provides you with some mind-blowing features such as Personalization Panel to design your widget with a plethora of themes, styles, fonts, & colors. Moderation Panel to filter out the unwanted irrelevant and unusable content. It also allows you to create the performance reports for your widget and many other features such as responsive display & multiple screens.

2. Miappi

Miappi is a platform that helps you collect your user’s content from different social media platforms and create a social media wall. It provides you with the ability to curate, display and analyze your wall. It also gives you the liberty to personalize your wall and match your brand theme or campaign theme.

3. Pixlee

Pixlee is a UGC and Influencer marketing platform which means it helps you collect content from both users and influencers they share on their social media platforms. It basically aims at providing your engagements and conversions with the help of social proof collected from social media.


This solution is still quite new in the market, using it for your brand can give you an upper hand among your competitors. You can integrate two of the most interactive and engaging solutions and get unimagined results for your marketing campaign.

The best part is that it is extremely cost-effective and will give you a great return on your investment. You should definitely give it a try and see how it works out for your brand. So what are you still waiting for?

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