What are Backlinks in SEO & What are the Advantages of Backlinks?

Advantages of Backlinks

Are you a member of the digital media world? If yes, then there is a high chance that you may have heard about backlinks.

There are several terms that we have heard of but do not have sufficient knowledge of. 

Here, we will discuss thoroughly the backlinks that are used in search engine optimization or SEO. There are several advantages of backlinks in order to rank your website or specific content. 

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What is a Backlink?

Let’s say, I am writing content about a certain topic. In that context, I have attached or included a link to another website. This way, I have created a backlink for that particular website. This also can go vice versa. Any other website can attach the link to our website and create a backlink for us.

Inbound link or incoming link is another term for backlink. This not only helps to attract more audience but is also considered as one of the most powerful backbones of any website.

The more backlink your site has the more traffic will be generated to your website. As a result of gaining a lot of traffic, it will eventually bring affiliated clients along with money.

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So, it is clear that backlinks are one of the robust keys to SEO. Even the best website builders use backlinks.

Things to Keep in Mind While Generating Backlinks 

Only placing a backlink won’t be enough to enhance search engine optimization. The link should have good-quality content. 

There are also some other factors as well that you need to consider. One of them is a proper relation between the websites. 

For example, if you are writing an article on SEO, then the inbound link should lead to an article that is related to SEO; such as the “importance of SEO” or “things to remember while doing SEO”. 

This way you can offer more information that your website is trying to deliver. This will help the reader to extend their knowledge. 

The credibility of the page is also an important factor here. Trusted and authentic web pages often help to increase the score of your page.

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What are the Advantages of Backlinks?

It is mentioned earlier that backlinks are really important in search engine optimization and help to attract traffic and enhance Your rank on the search engine result page. Apart from enhancing ranking, it also caters to the following. 

1. Enhanced Google Crawling:

While you are sleeping on your comfy bed, having your favorite meal, roaming here and there; google spiders are intelligent enough to crawl all day and night and do their job smartly. 

But these smarties or Google spiders are nothing but automated bots, they don’t have any idea how brilliant your article is or how attractive your products are. You are the only one, who can make them crawl around every nook and corner of your web page. 

How do backlinks work to get much better Google crawling?

Backlinks give these Google spiders a pathway. By creating a map, you can lead the Google spiders to your content. This will be a Google map for them. 

Let’s consider, these smarties or Google spiders are now crawling around one of your many masterpieces. Now, what you need to do is link some more of your amazing work-pieces with this article, and by following these links they will be redirected to your other articles. This way more of your work will get recognized. 

2. Betterment of Website Credibility: 

Enhancing website credibility or trust is important because it helps in the following ways:

  1. Page-rank.
  2. Referral traffic along with sales.
  3. Develop a stronger bond with people.
  4. Faster indexing.
  5. Increases readership.
  6. Higher opt-ins.

It is familiar to those who are in the online business industry or blogging. Maybe you also know that a better page authority and domain authority of a website helps the particular website rank higher than any other website. 

Page Authority and Domain Authority are the authority-determining factors that take an account the number of guest posts, views, traffic, SEO optimization along the number of backlinks on your website. In brief, almost everything.

They also consider how long your website is active. The credibility of any website depends on its PA/DA. With a higher PA/DA, the value of the website increases and so does its credibility. 

With the help of good referrals and posts, you will be able to increase your credit score. As backlinks offer you credit for your good works, it helps to increase your website’s credibility.

If you want to deliver your work to the maximum number of people, you will ask the bloggers to share your article. As bloggers have a lot of traffic and also can offer you backlinks, it is the most efficient way to do that.

Social media is also a great platform to draw traffic to your websites or pages.  There are a lot more other Pros of social media as well. The more backlinks the more will be the chances of going viral and gaining trust.

3. Gaining Traffic:

As we have discussed earlier, when it comes to gaining traffic, backlinks help a lot. Do you want to know how? Let’s discuss this with an example. Suppose, there are 50 people, who visit your website daily. Taking an average of 10 views per person, you generate 500 views on an everyday basis. 

Now there is another blog, which has 10 million viewers and is well established for the last 10 years. What you can do is, with a published backlink on that blog you can get access to those 10 million users. This way your content will get a chance to attract more views and exposure. 

What is the Importance of Backlinks in SEO?

When it comes to search engine optimization backlinks play a huge role. To make your content reach the right audience and supply your website to different search engines; search engine optimization is being done. 

Mostly used search engines, like Bing or Google, have their bots or crawlers. They crawl around your website. Now, it is your job to write excellent posts and make the crawling happen.


So, now you know that there are a lot of advantages to backlinks. You can count on them. Without good work and proper connections with bloggers, the whole blogging job won’t be easy.

So, it is important to build connections.  To connect with different bloggers, it is vital to increase your brand visibility on the internet. You also can try guest posts.

Backlinks offer visible results. You can notice the difference in Google analytic control as soon as some bloggers backlink to your website.

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